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family owned  /  veteran owned  /  locally owned

the story of uva stems from love

Our lifelong love of wine led us to open uva wine bar. We've had this idea for years, but in 2020 the timing felt right to make it a realty. This venture combines all our passions... friends, travel, entertaining, and wine! No matter your level of wine experience, uva is designed to be a place to explore, learn, and enjoy! We are excited to offer this opportunity within the community and hope you will come join us. We would love to welcome you and get to know you!

Owners Liz and Alec

Liz is from Rockland County New York and worked in physical therapy for over 20 years.  She enjoys cooking gourmet meals, hosting dinner parties, tasting wine, and traveling the world.

Alec grew up in Texas and spent 26 years in the Army before retiring in 2011 and continuing work as a CPA.  His interests include watching sports, playing soccer, wine, travel, and Premier League football matches.

After meeting in college at the University of Wisconsin in Madison, we married in 1991 and have had many great adventures over the years.  Most have centered around our two girls, Jordan and Peyton, but many others have focused on wine.  We've been to vineyards in Germany, Spain, California, Croatia, France, New York, Italy, Greece, and more.  We are both WSET Level II certified and hope to share a love of wine with you. 

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