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Sept 20

Ziba Kimonos Pop Up RESCHEDULED!

Kiana designs beautiful kimonos that can take you from office to happy hour. It was a lifelong dream to empower women, regardless of size or color, to feel fabulous in their clothes. Come over to uva, have a drink and support small business!



Sept 26
A Tour of Spain Wine Dinner-SOLD OUT

Spain is the world’s second-largest wine-producing country and produces unique red, white, and sparkling wine. It also has the largest vineyard area in the world.
It offers great value wines where excellence doesn't have to cost an arm and a leg! Come join us to taste some world class wines from many grapes- some familiar some obscure.
Welcome wine followed by 3 courses paired with wine



Oct 11
Wine Bootcamp- Wines of Bordeaux

Are you confused when it comes to wine from the Bordeaux region of France? How do you know what grapes are in the bottle? Is it left bank or right bank? What foods do you pair with them? Are they all very expensive? We will dive into these beautiful wines and hopefully answer all your questions.

  The class includes 4 wines and light charcuterie. Limited to 12 guests.



Oct 24
Greek Wine Dinner

Greek wines may be among the most underrated on the planet. Why is a mystery, as the Greeks have been making wine since around 2000 B.C. The main hurdle among many wine drinkers is the naming of the grapes themselves. Come join us to learn and taste some new wines paired with a delicious Greek meal!
Welcome wine followed by 3 courses paired with wine


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