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April 18, Live Music -Teague Starbuck

April 25, Live Music -Craig Walter 

May 2, Live Music -Zech Lumpkin

May 9, Live Music -Richard Raymond II

April 18, Live Music -Ralph Williams

May 21
Wines of Portugal

Often underrated when compared to its Old World counterparts of Spain, France, and Italy, Portugal is a thriving wine country that overflows with delicious varietals and blends.

With distinctive viniculture and a national passion for wine, the Portuguese grow a diverse mix of grape varieties unique to their regions’ special blend of climates, terrains, and traditions.
Welcome wine followed by 3 courses paired with wine.


May 23, Live Music -Sarah Groh

May 30, Live Music -Deryk Cunningham

Jun 18
Wines of Central Coast CA

​The Central Coast is a large encompassing American Viticultural Area (AVA) that extends from the south of San Francisco all the way to Santa Barbara, California.
The region contains 40 AVAs including Paso Robles, Santa Cruz Mountains, Monterey, and Santa Barbara and each of these sub-regions specializes in different types and expressions of wine. While the Central Coast may not have the same namesake as Napa Valley, it does happen to produce some of California’s most intriguing, up-and-coming wines.
Welcome wine followed by 3 courses paired with wine.


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